Stamina X Air Rower Review 2021 USA : Online Coupon + OFFER

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Are you looking for a fitness tool that will take your workout to the next level. Then, you are in the right place. Further, in this blog, we have given a brief overview of STAMINA X AIR ROWER REVIEW USA 2021.

Moreover, Living a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle is a need of every individual. People try to make their whole body fit and improve cardiovascular fitness from home only. Many health and fitness professionals have recommended Air Rowing Machines, especially in the USA and UK regions. 

Therefore, we have provided a complete Stamina X Air Rower Review 2021, Features, Pros & Cons, and Buying Guide, which will help you choose the Best Air Rower Machine 2021.

stamina x air rower review 2021

What is an Air Rowing Machine?

AIR ROWER is a type of fitness equipment. This machine uses a flywheel to generate air resistance when you pull away from the same. The harder and faster you row, the greater resistance it becomes. Moreover, the durable chain will hold up no matter the intensity level. You can track the workout metrics like speed, calories burn, and others on the LCD SCREEN. This type of machine produces some noise as the wheel turns. However, the air Rower provides responsive resistance levels and freedom of movement. Find out the Best Air Rowing Machine here.



  • Intuitive air resistance
  • LCD Screen
  •  Free online video workouts included
  • Angled seat
  • Folding frame
  • Textured footplates
  • 2 AA batteries required
  • Stamina|X Air Rower 2021
  • Padded rowing handle
  • Built-in wheels for easy storage


This Air Rower Machine is specially designed for those willing to take their workout to an extreme level. While performing a HIIT workout, both cardiovascular and strength elements are considered if you want to give full benefit to your body.

Moreover, the rower will save a lot of users’ money as they do not need to go to gyms and take membership.

THE STAMINA X Rower comes with a steel frame. The frame will hold strong during your most strenuous workouts. Further, The Stamina X Rowing Machine is equipped with an LCD SCREEN. You will see all the metrics like Calories Burn, speed, workout time, total strokes, and much more info on one screen.

The Best Part of this Machine is that it has a folding frame and comes with built-in wheels for easy transportation.

The rowing chain keeps the air resistance coming as the fan spins continuously. Likewise, the other rowing machine in the market, Stamina X Air Rower, comes with a molded seat that allows you to push your workouts longer and longer.

Now instead of having a dedicated home gym, just one machine will satisfy all your workout needs.

Above all, this rower is amongst THE BEST AIR ROWER 2021 USA as per its usage, affordability, and quality.

With a rowing machine we also recommend you to try Best Recumbent Exercise Bike to improve your overall workout schedule.

Dimensions & Weight Capacity

BRANDStamina | X
Resistance TypeAIR
Dimensions LxWxH78.5 x 18 x 29 inches
Max Weight63 Pounds
Type of MaterialSteel
Battery Required2 AA



  • Easy to Assemble
  • Quiet Affordable
  • Folding Frame
  • Higher Grofile
  • Comfortable Seat for long Workout


  • Limited Warranty On Parts
  • Batteries not included
  • No Preset Programs
  • No Heart Rate Monitor
  • A Bit Noisy

Conclusion : Stamina X Air Rower Review 2021 USA

To sum up, as per our team findings, we have rated Stamina X Fitness Rowers 8/10. Further, if we check the price factor, This rower is first in its category. No other brands can compete with Stamina Products as their fitness equipment are value for money.

Moreover, Stamina X air is a basic model. Therefore, you will not get any Preset Workout Modes, Heart Rate Sensor. Yet it is equipped with an LCD Digital Screen which shows all the essential metrics. 

In short, it has a strong metal chain, steel frame and metal bearings which helps a user to do workout for longer durations.

Coming towards the negative points of Stamina Air Rowing Machine, the prime reason is it’s a little bit noisy while you perform a workout. At last, if you are looking to buy a rower with a limited budget, you should go forward.

So this completes our topic for STAMINA X AIR ROWER REVIEW 2021 USA.

Are air rowers good?

Yes, air rowers are a good equipment which helps to improve overall body fitness and are suitable for everyone.

Which stamina rower is best?

As per our findings, there are many rowing machines available in the market. But Stamina X Air Rower 1401 is the best and has a overall rating of 4.5/5

What is the best rowing machine to buy for home use?

For home use you should buy a rowing machine which consumes less space and is highly portable. Therefore find the complete list of Best Rowing Machines 2021 here.

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